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Monday 22 November 2010 - 02:41 by Splitney

Eight months now and a set of various topics that interest me and I have knowledge of covered. Most of the internet issues from the recent years I felt the urge to communicate have been addressed here in the meantime. Some are prevalent, whereas some aren't publicly perceived as such yet but I strongly suspect will reach us within the next few years. Bloggers who exploit the same subjects over and over get lame. As this blog was intentionally specialized from the start, I feel that it's time now to end the experiment for me.Finally, there's at least one more lesson I'd like to entrust my small fellow readership: There's so much you can experience and learn on the internet - but at the same time, it tends to absorb valuable resources of everyone who uses it. You got to live outside the web. So don't sacrifice yourself for the net. And don't give all of your work and expertise away for free - you are worth something.Bye for now, it's been a pleasure..


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