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Saturday 25 September 2010 - 06:46 by Splitney

Look at all the annoying Youtube comments below many of the good old songs: "Yeah, I know it from GTA" (a popular action game series). Kind of sad that today's youngsters only remember this music from a commercial piece of software. Better than not at all, eh? Brilliant job, Rockstar Games. An entire generation forced to associate the whole collection of cool 80s dance hits with your brand for their entire life.Having said that, I'm neither old enough for having experienced some of the original hot shit back in 85. So for that matter my generation was presumably socialized first by radio and later MTV (who as you know have killed the radio star). Not as cool as the real clubbing thing either. But at least not exploited by a computer game where the tracks are like fancy attachments to the plot. We only listened because of the music and only watched because of the videos. And even got freaky to it..


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