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Saturday 11 September 2010 - 02:13 by Splitney

This is so wrong in so many ways it's ridiculous. The new "Google Instant" is kind of a real time search that displays results while you're typing into the search box.First of all, a process that doesn't let me formulate the search term I have in mind is the same as some annoying person that constantly interrupts me while I'm speaking. Not nice. Googles' selling point is that this new method will save us a second or two. Hooray! Now what are you going to do with your new leisure time? Better save us a fair amount of wasted time by removing all that spam from the serps. Honestly, is watching the flickering mess while you type, showing inevitably irrelevant results most of the time really worth it? Of course not. It's no honorable invention, no simplicity, it's confusing and distracting to say the least.They did ask a few persons in test groups beforehand. Apparently the echo was good enough so that they didn't hesitate to implement it directly on google.com. But why do so many people in the real world dislike it then? Well, there can go so much wrong with test groups. Invalid composition, too small sample size, false interviews.. Fact is, apart from some tech cheerleaders, average users hate it with good reason.It's easily one of the stupidest ideas since the beginning of Google product marketing. One has to ask: Was there an apparent need for this? "Oh, it would really be cool to search in a mobile phone style with auto suggestions and changing serps while you type". "Google search is so slow, I'd like to have instant search to speed it up". Seriously, has anyone of you requested this? Was it implemented by popular demand and high on any wish list apart from some Google geeks? Come on..The folks at WMW are right as ever. Either it was forced on the users because the overpaid engineers at the Plex have to justify their salaries with all kinds of nonsense activities. Or it was motivated by greed to pump up the Adwords revenues as Instant definitively favors the profitable short tail searches over the long tail. Furthermore, the suggestions under the search box don't overlap with the content and take so much space, that with the adwords results and some other stuff on top there is many times no more space left for the actual organic serps. All this is pure money grab, forcing more and more webmasters who are driven out of sight to try their luck with costly Google ads.Without exaggeration, this has to be one of the most spectacular disimprovements for an established product in internet history. This is a bad joke, the pride of a completely tech driven company who has lost the plot. That's what happens when there are too few marketing and usability design folks with authority in an internet company. Techies poaching in foreign areas of responsibility and doing ridiculous stuff.The guys at Bing can put on a big smile for now. Funnily enough, it was Yahoo and Microsoft who initially came up with instant search technology a few years ago but luckily didn't scale it to the masses. Let's make no mistake, most established users will naturally get used to the new feature that is rammed down their throats. Nevertheless there's an opportunity to gain market share now. Unless Google reverts the mess.


#1 - Barry W

Tuesday 19 October 2010 - 22:11

If you haven't heard of dnuof.com , it's "found" spelled backwards. I use it for my homepage now.

Wednesday 24 November 2010 - 14:05

0). to force google to get out of your way entirely ,
disable java and javascript only for google site (0p3ra + [F12] )(1). set your homepage & search page to
or https://www.google.com/(2). to MAKE google pay attention
make your homepage & search page =
they will not be able to ignore it !

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