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25.03.2006 - In diesem Webmasterworld-Post ging es um das Blocken von mißliebigen Adsense-Ads und dessen Auswirkungen.Do not block at any price!
Depends on your site characteristicsReading through this forum in the recent weeks makes you believe, that blocking "bad sites", e.g. putting sites on your ban list, that do not sell any tangible goods or services is the latest hype. With this post, I'd like to analyze, what and when we could or should block, based on my experience balanced with the knowledge of other members. In conclusion, I try to point out, that blocking is not necessarily the way to go. In addition I still believe, that the Adsense algo is not broke, but it only takes network wide performance into account, as pointed out earlier. Also the algo is too stupid to consider quality and long time effects. However, I guess, with blocking, you either can rank among the winners income-wise, just like you could lose earnings for the same reason. Maybe a zero-sum game.
By all means, it depends on several factors.What can we block?1) MFA (made for Adsense) sites: Sites with the only purpose of generating revenue through Adsense ads.No/scraped/hardly any content, no use for the user, cancer of the internet.- should i block them?Yes. They suck off your well deserved earnings through arbitrage, scrambling right between you and your Google money (or between the user and useful content to satisfy his purchase intention as well). Website-independent, even if they don't lower your overall earnings, you should block them on principle. It's a matter of etiquette. Your users will be thankful eventually. Unfortunately publishers have to do this work instead of the algo sorting them out.2) Sites that don't sell a tangible product or service: partly sites, that harvest email adresses, subscriptions. Don't know much about them, because rarely in my ad blocks.- should i block them?See point 3.3) Shopping and price comparison sites: sites, that efficiently exploit the fact, that you have nothing to sell on your site. They increasingly appear, when you have nothing other to offer than pure content. Examples in my area: eb*ay.com, sh*pping.com, k*lkoo.com etc. Others often with Adsense ads on their landing page, triggering higher paid keywords. Most commonly aiming at all possible keywords and all combinations (buy dead pets etc.)- should i block them?Depends on your site: I've made a test this month blocking a couple of these. Result was stunning. CTR way down (30-40%), EPC down(!), overall earnings - you guess it - way down! After unblocking, earnings up again.
How can this be? Well, it depends on you site characteristics. I was wondering about the contradicting results towards other webmasters. Thought about what is different for my website. Here are the results. Be cautious with blocking "bad ads" if your site meets several of the following conditions:- low traffic
- low variety of ads
- few advertiser competition in your niche (Filter list full? I don't even get 200 clean ads! Lucky you!)
- non-English copy (ad inventory is simply still not big enough in many cases)
- overall low paying niche (in another thread, someone got the advise to kill his 0,50$ ads.. whow, lucky you)
- pure content site (naturally attracts shopping and price comparison)4) Sites that are off target: incoherent keywords, seems they slip rather accidentally into your ad blocks. Often when triggering ambiguous keywords.- should i block them?Maybe you should optimize your site first. I have a German site that deals with charts (music charts). Only content are music titles and artists. It attracts all those American Forex trading (money charts) ads. You may think, well, they belong to the highest paying ads on the net. Nah, no one clicks on them, because they are completely off topic and I'm smartpriced because of no conversion. At times I put them into the ban list, to no avail because they are so many. I've implemented section targeting and after two months they finally seem to gradually reduce. Or a little site description should also help. And avoid off topic link texts, titles etc.5) Sites, that offend Adwords TOS- should i block them?Yes, absolutely. And don't forget to report them through your Adsense contact option. Yesterday I reported a site that redirects to Ebay through a script. No affiliate marking, different landing page than in the ad copy, keyword stuffed redirect page, the complete program.. Let's see what Google does. By the way: "Google, start banning advertisers! Not only publishers" would be an interesting and long overdue thread :)


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